Estimation of Fatigue Loads

Estimation of Fatigue Loads

Using one single wind turbine to estimate the fatigue loads in an entire wind farm

In this topic, we propose a procedure to estimate the fatigue loads on wind turbines, based in a recent framework used for reconstructing data series of stochastic properties measured at wind turbines.
The framework is similar to the one describe here and consists of deriving a stochastic differential equation that describes the evolution of the torque at one wind turbine driven by the wind speed, directly from the measurements and is afterwards used for predicting the fatigue loads at neighboring turbines.

Up to now, through a standard fatigue analysis, we were able to show that it is possible to accurately estimate fatigue loads in any wind turbine within one wind park, using only the load measurements at one single turbine and the set of wind speed measurements.

Our aim is to establish a reliable framework that could be used to mitigate the financial efforts usually necessary for placing measurement devices in all wind turbines within one wind farm.

Further reading:
"Fatigue Loads Estimation Through a Simple Stochastic Model"
P.G. Lind, I. Herráez, M. Wächter and J. Peinke,
Energies, in print (2014)

Contact Person: Matthias Wächter

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