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Grants 2013

Grants in 2013

BOARD MEETING 14.02.2013

  • Prof. Dr. Thorsten Raabe, Dean, Faculty II: Academic graduation celebration 2012
    Grant: 300 €
  • Prof. Dr. Martin Holthaus, Dean, Faculty V: Graduation celebrations 2013
    Grant: 300 €
  • Vanessa Hinsch, Educational center (DiZ): Central graduation celebration - Master of Education Graduates 07.12.2012
    Grant: 300 €
  • Prof. Dr. Johann Kreuzer, Dean, Faculty IV: Academic graduation celebrations 2013
    Grant: 300 €
  • Dr. Corinna Dahm-Brey, Press and Communication: Grant for delivery costs for UNI-INFO and EINBLICKE
    Grant: 3.500 €
  • Prof. Dr. Matthias Bormuth, Institute of Philosophy: Honorary gratuation Prof. Fritz Stern
    Grant: 1.000 €
  • Prof. Dr. Klaus Zierer/ Dr. Jens Winkel, Faculty I, Educational Sciences/ Educational Center: Lector in the area of Special Needs Education with educational researcher John Hattie                             Grant: 500 €

BOARD MEETING 18.04.2013

  • Prof. Dr. Katharina Al-Shamery, Vice-President for Research Forschung and Transfer Issues: Events (lecture series and sience slam) at "Schlaues Haus" Oldenburg
    Grant: 1.500 €
  • Dr. Claudia Schrader/ Arne Wachtmann, Faculty I, Educational Sciences: Competitiom on designing of the logo and lettering of an open-access journal
    Grant: 630 €
  • Prof. Dr. Katharina Al-Shamery, Faculty V, Chemistry: Conference "Aus den Hexenküchen der Materialwissenschaften"
    Grant: 1.000 €

BOARD MEETING 27.06.2013

  • Prof. Dr. Esther Ruigendijk, Prof. Dr. Cornelia Hamann, Faculty III, Institute of Dutch Studies, Institute of English and American Studies: GALA-Conference „Generative Approaches to Language Acquistion“; First and second language acquisition
    Grant: 1.500 €
  • Prof. Dr. Gunilla Budde, Vice-Presidentin for Study and Teaching Issues: Funding of a "Deutschlandstipendium" (Scholarship)
    Grant: 1.800 €
  • Prof. Dr. Gunilla Budde, Vice-Presidentin for Study and Teaching Issues: Awarding "Preis der Lehre"
    Grant: 2.000 €
  • Prof. Dr. Hans Henning Hahn, Faculty IV, Institute of History: Conference: "Der polnische Januaraufstand von 1863 - Verflechtungs- und Wahrnehmungsgeschichte"
    Grant: 500 €
  • Prof. Dr. Matthias Bormuth, Prof. Dr. Gunilla Budde, Faculty IV, Institute of History: Opening ceremony of "Karl-Jaspers-Haus"
    Grant: 1.000 €

BOARD MEETING 12.09.2013

  • Prof. Dr. Axel Hahn, Dean, Faculty II, School of Computing Science, Business Administration, Economics and Law: Academic graduation celebrations 2013
    Grant: 300 €
  • Prof. Dr. Karsten Speck, Academic Dean, Faculty I, Educational and Social Sciences: cademic graduation celebrations 2013                                                                                                  Grant: 300 €
  • Stefanie Mallon, Faculty III, Linguistics and Culture Studies, Institute of Material Culture: Conference „Chaos und materielle Kultur“
    Grant: 1.000 €
  • Prof. Dr. Gesa Lindemann, Faculty I, Institute of Social Sciences: Evening lecture of Prof. Dr. Atsuo Takanishi (Tokyo) within the scope of the conference „Going Beyond the Laboratory – Ethical and Societal Challenges for Robotics
    Grant: 750 €
  • Prof. Dr. Gunilla Budde, Vice-President for Study and Teaching Issues: "Deutschlandstipendium" (Scholarship)
    Grant: 1.800
  • Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Nitsch, Faculty I, Institute of Educational Sciences: Symposium for Neville Alexander        
    Grant: 500 €

BOARD MEETINg 20.11.2013

  • Prof. Dr. Holger Freund, Tanja Tillmann, Faculty V, ICBM: Annual conference of the working group "Geography of the seas and shores"
    Grant: 250 €
  • Prof. Dr. Andrea Strübind, Faculty IV, Dean: Academic graduation celebration
    Grant: 300 €
  • Prof. Dr. Dirk Albach & Prof. Dr. Olaf Bininda-Emonds, Faculty V, IBU: 55th Phylogenetic Symposium
    Grant: 1.300 €
  • Rea Kordalle, Faculty IV, Institute of Sport Science: Trainee workshop "Sociology of Sport"
    Grant: 500 €
  • Kirsten Sander, Faculty II , student project group (Prof. Bernd Siebenhüner): "NachDenkstatt 2013"
    Grant: 500 €
  • Marie-Nathalie Schrötke, Faculty III, student project group (Prof. Karin Peters): Exhibited object „Fotografie! Jüdisch?“
    Grant: 500 €
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