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Grants 2015

Grants in 2015

BOARD MEETING 05.02.2015

  • Prof. Dr. Manfred Wittrock, Faculty I: Graduation celebration 2015
    Grant: 300 €
  • Prof. Dr. Meinhard Simon, Faculty V: Two graduation celebrations 2015
    Grant: 600 €
  • Prof. Dr. Gun-Britt Kohler, Faculty III: Graduation celebration 2014
    Grant: 300 €
  • Prof. Dr. Andrea Strübind, Faculty IV: Graduation celebration 2015
    Grant: 300 €
  • Dr. Corinna Dahm-Brey, Press and Communication: Grant for delivery costs for UNI-INFO and EINBLICKE
    Grant: 3.500 €
  • Prof. Dr. Violeta Dinescu, Faculty III, Insitute of Music: 14th International Carl von Ossietzky Composition Competition
    Grant: 1.700 €

BOARD MEETING 23.04.2015

  • Christiane Abt, Faculty V, Department of Neurosciences: Career Day Neuroscience
    Grant: 500 €
  • Prof. Dr. Thomas Alkemeyer, Director of the Scientific Center of Genealogy of the Present (WiZeGG): Workshop "Diagnoses of the Present"
    Grant: 1.000 €

BOARD MEETING 18.06.2015

  • Benjamin Brockhaus, Project coordinator on behalf of Prof. Dr. Ingo Mose: Succow-Seminar                                                                                                                                        Grant: 750 €
  • Lina Marie Gerdes, Student initiative NachDenkstatt 2015: "NachDenkstatt 2015"                Grant: 500 €
  • Dr. phil. Habil. Kadja Grönke, Faculty III, IBU, Project group Freshwater Ecology and Conservation                                                                                                                                                         Grant: 500€

BOARD MEETING 24.09.2015

  • Prof. Dr. Andrea Erdélyi, Faculty I, Institute of Special Needs Education an Rehabilitation: Exhibition on life spheres of people with disabilities in Blankenburg and "around"                   Grant: 1.500 €
  • Prof. Dr. Reinhard Pfriem, Faculty II Department of Business Administration, Economics and Law, FUGO: Workshop Businesses of Society                                                                           Grant: 1.000 €
  • Dr. Mareile Oetken, Faculty III Institute of German Studies: Conference "farb-klang-reim-rhythmus" KIBUM 2015                                                                                                                             Grant: 750 €
  • Rea Kodalle, Graduate school of Social Siences and Humanities (3GO): Doctoral students conference 3GO/panel disscussion                                                                                  Grant: 2.000 €
  • Prof. Dr. Gunilla Budde, Presidium: "Deutschlandstipendien"                                                 Grant: 3.600 €

BOARD MEETING 12.11.2015

  • Prof. Dr. Christiane Brors, Faculty II School of Computing Science, Business Administration, Economics and Law: Academic graduation celebration 2015/2016                                       Grant: 400 €
  • Dr. phil. habil. Kadja Grönke, Faculty III Institute of Music: Dialog concert as a side event to the seminar "Klaviertechnik im Dienst kompositorischer Innovation: Liszt, Skrjabin, Ligeti"              Grant: 500€
  • Prof. Dr. Gunila Budde, Presidium: "Deutschlandstipendien"                                                Grant: 1.800€
  • Prof. Dr. Albrecht Hausmann, Faculty III School of Linguistics and Cultural Studies: Graduation celebration                                                                                                           Grant: 300€
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