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Grants 2017

Grants in 2017

BOARD MEETING 23.02.2017

  • Prof. Dr. Karsten Speck, Faculty I: Graduation Celebration
    Grant: 470€
  • Dr. Corinna Dahm-Brey, Press and Communication: University magazine UNI-INFO, research magazine EINBLICKE.
    Grant: 3.500€
  • Bianca Pick, DFG research training group: workshop "Remember, Life, Exil - places of refuge and crossings of the border".
    Grant: 1.000€
  • Dr. Aleksandra Lewandowska, ICBM: Workshop "Understanding the role of climatic and biological factors in regulating stoichiometric responses of organisms and ecosystems to nutrient enrichment".
    Grant: 1.500€
  • Prof. Dr. Ira Diethelm, Faculty II Didactics of Informatics: Conference INFOS'17 "Informatics and School 2017  - informatical Education for Understanding and Organisation of the digital World".
    Grant: 900€
  • Dr. Phillip Hogh, Faculty IV Institute for Philosophy: Conference "Hannah Arendt on Critical Theory".
    Grant: 1.885€
  • Peter Janßen LfbA, Faculty III Institute for Music: New acqisition of a Microphone system for the Music Theatre - Project ESC-APE.
    Grant: 800€
  • Adrian Rose, Faculty V Institute for Physics: Prototyp Hyperloop Transport pod.
    Grant: 1.000€
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