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Grants 2016

Grants in 2016

BOARD MEETING 04.02.2016

  • Prof. Dr. Karsten Speck, Faculty I: Graduation celebration                                                     Grant: 300€
  • Prof. Dr. Andrea Strübind, Faculty IV: Graduation celebration                                                 Grant: 300€
  • Prof. Dr. Gabriele Gerlach, Faculty V: Graduation celebration                                                    Grant: 600€
  • Dr. Corinna Dahm-Brey, Press and Communication: University magazine UNI-INFO                                                                                                                                                                                      Grant: 3.500€
  • Dr. Maxi Berger, Faculty IV Institute of Philosophy: Scientific research college on Critical Theory
    Grant: 500€

BOARD MEETING 21.04.2016

  • Prof. Dr. Paul Mecheril, Faculty I Institute of Educational Sciences: 1st Oldenburg conference "Global inequality, fleeing and migration"                                                                                                                                                          Grant: 500€
  • Dr. Birgit Weusmann, Institute for Biology and Environmental Sciences: Construction of a tree steep path                                                                                                                                      Grant: 1.800€
  • Dr. Holger Winkler, Institute for Chemistry and Biology of the Marine Environment (ICBM): Science communication at the extracurricular learning place "Learning lab: Mud flats"
    Grant: 1.000€
  • Dr. Nina Gaßmann, Research center for Neurosensory Science (FZN): Science Slam                                                                                                                                           Grant: 800€
  • Dr. Katharina Al-Shamery, Faculty V Department of Chemistry: Conference "From the Witches Cauldrons in Material Science"
    Grant: 500€
  • Dr. Kadja Grönke, Faculty III Institute of Music: Hommage à Schubert                                                                                                                                              Grant: 500€
  • Rea Kodalle, Faculty I, III, IV Graduate school of Social Sciences and Humanities: Oldenburg School of the Social Sciences and the Humanities
    Grant: 1.000€

BOARD MEETING 16.06.2016

  • Marie Bartholdy & Pia Weinholt, Faculty III: Musical review                                                   Grant: 1.000€
  • Prof. Dr. Lars Oberhaus, Faculty III Institute of Music: Workshop "Poses, Gestures and Music" - On the professionalization of the practice of dramatic interpretation of music and theater                                                                                                                                    Grant: 1.000€
  • Prof. Dr. Sabine Kyora, Presidium: "Preis der Lehre"                                                              Grant: 2.000€
  • Birgit Wendt-Thorne, Faculty III Institute of Music: 2nd Oldenburg Symposium - Children's and Youth's Voices 16./17. September 2016                                                                                         Grant: 600€

BOARD MEETING 15.09.2016

  • Dr. phil. Sylvia Pritsch, Faculty IIII, Center for Interdisciplinary Research on Women and Gender: "Raga meets Activism: Ein Kulturabend mit klassisch indischer Musik und politischer Disskussion. Sumathy Murthy im Gespräch mit C.S. Lakhsmi"                                                                                  Grant: 1000€
  • Prof. Dr. Martina Kadmon, Faculty VI: Graduation celebration                                                         Grant: 100€
  • Apl. Prof. Dr. Myriam Gerhard, Faculty IV, Institute of Philosophy: Conference "Ziele und Wege zur heutigen Naturphilosophie"                                                                                               Grant: 500€
  • Cordelia Pätz, Student initiative NachDenkstatt 2016: "NachDenkstatt 2016"                               Grant: 1.140€
  • Prof. Dr. Sabine Kyora, Presidium: "Deutschlandstipendien"
    Grant: 3.600€
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