Maintain your own contact details

You can maintain your contact details yourself within the institution(s) where you belong. This data will then appear, for example, when you search for your name via the university search engine.

The steps for maintaining and updating the institution data (room, telephone, office hours) as well as releasing the user image for the teacher directory and the university search engine are briefly described below.

1.) First, please log in to Stud.IP. Use the same access data as for your university e-mail account.

2) Institutional data ("Einrichtungsdaten")

The configuration of your institutional data can be accessed very quickly via the menu at the top right (see picture).

Contact data such as telephoneroom and office hours can be set separately for each institution (important for people who, for example, have two half-time jobs in different institutions).

To do this, open the input mask by clicking on the name of your institution.

Note: If the sub-tab [Institution data] is missing or your institution affiliation in Stud.IP is incorrect, please contact  with the correct data to let this get corrected! Especially if you work at two institutions, it may be necessary for you to state this so that the second institution can be added to your profile.

In addition to Roomspeaking time,Telephone and Fax number you can enter a News ("Aktuelles") message (e.g. absence due to business trip, holiday, etc.) to be displayed on your Stud.IP homepage and in the university search engine. In the field Message -News- show until ("Meldung -Aktuelles- anzeigen bis zum") you can enter the expiry date of the current message in order to limit the display period. The message will then automatically no longer be displayed in the university search engine after the specified date.

After adjusting the data, click on the Save Changes ("Änderungen speichern") button below to complete the editing.

3) Basic data

In the "Basic Data" you can select or enter your academic title or post title as well as your gender. To do this, click on [Profile] ("Profil") at the top and then on [Personal details] ("Persönliche Angaben") in the tab navigation, then on [Basic data] ("Grunddaten") in the menu column on the left.

4) Further personal data (cf. figure 3)

In addition to the institution-specific data, you can enter some basic personal data. Very important here is information on the function (e.g. field of teaching/research(work) focus,"administrator for ... ").

You enter this data in the tab [Personal details] ("Persönliche Angaben")→ sub-tab [Further data] ("Weitere Daten"). The focus/areas of work, for example, is to be entered there in the field "Focus" ("Schwerpunkte") and will appear together with your photo above the other contact details in our university search engine. We recommend that you record your main areas of work as a list of several keywords.

TIP: The additional field Self-selected keywords for the university search ("selbstgewählte Schlagworte für die Unisuche") could also be interesting. Here you can enter keywords under which you as a person would like to be found in the university search engine. Since these are invisible keywords, you can also enter "popular" misspellings here, for example, different spellings of your name.

5) User picture

In addition, you can provide a photo of yourself (tab [Profile] ("Profil"), see Fig. 4), but then you have to share it with the outside world (e.g. for the teacher directory): To do this, please click on the tab [Personal details] ("Persönliche Angaben") → sub-tab [Further data] ("Weitere Daten") and tick the entry: Share user picture externally ("Nutzerbild Uni-extern freigeben"). After a delay of approximately one hour, your photo will also be displayed in the teachers' directory and in the university search engine.

6) Release of data to the outside

In the tab [Personal data] ("Persönliche Angaben") → sub-tab [Other data] ("Weitere Daten", cf. Figure 3) you can also check whether your user data should also be released externally to the university (this means that they can also be found by visitors outside the university network via the university search engine). Note: If you belong to the teaching staff, this button has no significance, as you can always be found externally as a teacher.

Data protection and privacy

By default, your personal data is protected and will not be displayed outside the university. Only in the case of teachers will this data automatically be displayed externally due to official requirements.

If your contact details are to be included, for example, in websites that are also accessed outside the university, then it is necessary for you to release your data to the outsideworld by means of the settings mentioned under 5.) and 6.) !

(Changed: 2021-10-09)