Brandy Robinson

Brandy Robinson

My project focuses on investigating the role of Extracellular Polymeric Substance (EPS) in the Sea Surface Microlayer (SML). My studies focus not only on Transparent Exopolymer

Particles (TEP), which are the largest component of EPS, but also on the proteinaceous component of EPS, Coomassie Stainable Particles (CSP). EPS are aggregations of plankton exudates that due to their “sticky” nature function as the main transport vector for organic carbon, nutrients and trace metals. Using a combination of lab experiments and in situ-experiments, I investigate the effects of primary productivity, bubble bursting and UV radiation on TEP in the SML and Bulk water, and its relation to the formation of the SML and biofilms.

My project involves; 2 controlled lab tank Experiments in cooperation with the MarParCloud group. 5 lab experiments using my own bubble towers, 4 large field Campaigns in the (Norwegian Fjords, Baltic Sea, Cape Verde, High Arctic Open Lead), and additional various smaller campaigns and experiments.

You can download my CV.


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