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Lina Holthusen

Lina Aleke Holthusen

My scientific interest lies in the investigation of climate-relevant trace gases at the sea surface. The focus lies on production pathways and exchange processes with the atmosphere as well as on the influence of the surface micro layer and hydrodynamic processes. The main study areas of my research are polar regions.

Institute for Chemistry and Biology of the Marine Environment  (» Postal address)

WHV1 2. OG 204 (» Adress and map)

+49 441 798-8189  (F&P

Curriculum vitae


2022 – present    PhD-student, project EWARP
                               ICBM Wilhelmshaven, University of Oldenburg


2019 – 2020        ERASMUS Marine and Coastal Systems
                               Universidade do Algarve, Faro (Portugal)


2018 – 2022        M. Sc. Marine Geosciences
                               Kiel University
                               Thesis: Methane dynamics in the Barents Sea and off Franz Josef Land (Arctic Ocean)


2014 – 2018        B. Sc. Geosciences
                               Kiel University
                               Thesis: The distribution of N2O at 86° W in the tropical east Pacific



Research experience

2018 – 2021        Research assistant
                               GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel,
                               Marine Biogeochemistry/Chemical Oceanography



May - Jun 2023       ARTofMELT2023
Fram Strait, Arctic Ocean                    

Mar 2023                 Scans, NorthSat-X (HE614)
                                  RV Heincke, North Sea

Oct 2022                 Scans, NorthSat-X (HE609)
                                  RV Heincke, North Sea

May 2022                Scans, NorthSat-X (HE598)
                                  RV Heincke, North Sea

Jul – Sep 2021        Synoptic Arctic Survey (SAS) 2021
                                  Icebreaker Oden, Central Arctic Ocean

Mar – May 2019     Transarctica 2019 (AT19)
                                  Akademik Tryoshnikov, Barents Sea

Jun – Jul 2018        POS 525
                                  RV Poseidon, Norwegian Sea

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