Lisa Gassen

Lisa Gassen

Tel.: +49-(0)4421-944 164

Lisa Gassen

Research Focus

The aim of my study is to provide a comprehensive and mechanistic understanding about freshwater fluxes over the ocean, driven by precipitation and evaporation. I am interested in the relationship between precipitation and evaporation and how anomalies of temperature and salinity in the microlayer may serve as indicator for freshwater fluxes.

Educational Background


MSc (Marine Biology)
University of Rostock, Germany


BSc (Biology)
University of Rostock, Germany

Research Experience

06/2020 - present

PhD student 
Institute for Chemistry and Biology of the Marine Environment (ICBM), Carl Von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg, Germany


Master student
University of Rostock, Germany

Thesis Title: The influence of heat waves on the palatability of macrophytes as food for the marine gastropod Conomurex persicus


GAME programme (global approach on modular experiments)
Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research (GEOMAR) Kiel, Germany and National Institute of Oceanography Haifa, Israel


  • Gassen, L., Badewien, T. H., Ewald, J., Ribas-Ribas, M., Wurl, O. (2023). Temperature and Salinity Anomalies in the Sea Surface Microlayer of the South Pacific During Precipitation Events. JGR Oceans. DOI: 10.1029/2023JC019638

Research Cruises

07/07 - 17/07/2017

R/V Elisabeth Mann Borgese (Cruise no.159, Baltic Sea)

29/04 - 22/05/2022 R/V Heincke (Cruise No. 598, German Bight/North Sea)
19/09 - 23/09/2022 R/V Senckenberg (North Sea)
04/10 - 26/10/2022 R/V Heincke (Cruise No. 609, German Bight/North Sea)
01/03 – 22/03/2022 R/V Heincke (Cruise No. 614, German Bight/North Sea)

20/07 – 10/08/2023 

R/V Heincke (HE626), North Sea
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