Prof. Dr. Claus Möbus

Room: A02 2-226 



Manuela Wüstefeld

Room: A02 2-228

Tel: +49 441 / 798-4520 



Research Activities

Our group "Learning and Cognitive Systems" is developing smart assistant and innovative learning systems. To that end we design and implement cognitive and learning agents which try to mimic cognitive processes and the behavior of learners or operators (e.g. drivers, pilots, ...). Modelling frameworks are based on machine-learning and artificial intelligence. Special emphasis is given to probabilistic Bayesian frameworks, such as Probabililistic Graphical Models and Probabilistic Programs.

Depending on research grants our group is working in six research areas: (1) Applied Artificial Intelligence (Knowledge Acquisition, Data Mining, Decisions under Risk and Uncertainty), (2) Content, Knowledge, and Cognitive Engineering, (3) Learner, User and Operator Modeling, (4) Engineering of Innovative Learning and Problem-Solving Environments, (5) Rapid Prototyping of Intelligent Assistance Systems, and (6) Probabilistic Bayesian Programming.

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