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Knowledge and Computer-supported Learning Systems

Knowledge and Computer-Supported Learning Systems

A number of projects can be summarised under the heading of knowledge and computer-supported learning systems: IKEA, ABSYNT, PETRI-HELP, PNEUMATIK, WULPUS and EXPLAIN. A flyer can be seen here. They contain knowledge databases that enable the learner to create solutions independently. This makes it possible to support active, autonomous learning, to discover problem solutions and to test one's own hypotheses. Thus a flexible design diagnosis and adaptive aids are possible.

  • The knowledge databases are:
  • Configuration knowledge in IKEA or WI\KEA
  • Programming knowledge in functional programming in ABSYNT
  • Design knowledge about Petri nets in PETRI-HELP
  • Design knowledge about pneumatic/hydraulic circuits in PNEUMATIK or PULSE
  • Business knowledge in WULPUS
  • Diagnostic knowledge in environmental medicine in EXPLAIN or MEDIKUS

Applied Artificial Intelligence (Knowledge Acquisition, Data Mining, Decisions under Risk and Uncertainty)

Learner, User and Operator Modeling

Engineering of Innovative Learning and Problem-Solving Environments

Rapid Prototyping of Intelligent Assistance Systems

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