Hatice Sahin Ippoliti


University of Oldenburg

Department of Computing Science

Media Informatics and Multimedia Systems

Escherweg 2
26121 Oldenburg
Room: E-109

Tel.-Nr. 9722-293
E-mail: hatice.sahin(at)uni-oldenburg.de
Web: uol.de/seas/projects/m1

Hatice Sahin Ippoliti

Short Bio

Hatice Şahin Ippoliti is a PhD student at the University of Oldenburg/Germany. She holds a MSc degree in Neurocognitive Psychology from the University of Oldenburg, BA degrees in Psychology and Translation Studies from Yeditepe University/Turkey. Her research focuses on the interaction between vulnerable road users and automated vehicles and prosocial behaviour in traffic. She is a member of Research Training Group Social Embeddedness of Autonomous Cyber Physical Systems" (SEAS).

Research Topics

  • Prosocial interaction between vulnerable road users and automated vehicles
  • External Human-Machine Interfaces (eHMIs)
  • Behavior towards automated vehicles
  • Virtual reality experiments, field experiments, online surveys and online experiments
  • Effects of social factors on prosocial behavior in traffic

Recent Activities

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