Dept. of Medical Physics and Acoustics - Signal Processing 
D-26111 Oldenburg 

Tel: +49-441-798 5470 
Fax: +49-441-798 3902 

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Prof. Dr. ir. Simon Doclo
Head of Group 

Office: W30 3-311 
Tel: +49-441-798 3344 

Administrative and technical support

Aleksandra Münder
Administrative support

Office: W30 3-312
Tel: +49-441-798 5470

Katja Warnken 
Administrative support 

Office: W30 3-312 
Tel: +49-441-798 5470 

Christoph Scheicht 
Technical support 

Office: W2 1-164 
Tel: +49-441-798 3568 

Postdoctoral researchers

Piero Rivera Benois
Active noise and
occlusion control

Office: W30 2-212 
Tel: +49-441-798 3312

Kai Siedenburg 
Music Perception and Processing, Research Group Leader

Office: W30 2-207 
Tel: +49-441-798 3579 

Rafael Attili Chiea
Signal processing
for cochlear implants

Office: W30 2-215 
Tel: +49-441-798 3569

PhD students

Klaus Brümann
Microphone array
geometry calibration

Office: W30 2-214
Tel: +49-441-798 3989

Henri Gode
Multi-microphone noise
reduction and dereverberation

Office: W30 2-215 
Tel: +49-441-798 3569

Wiebke Middelberg
Speech processing in
acoustic sensor networks

Office: W30 2-214
Tel: +49-441-798 3989

Mattes Ohlenbusch (°)
Speech communication using
in-ear microphone

Office: Fraunhofer HSA

Ragini Sinha (°)
Speaker extraction using
deep neural networks

Office: Fraunhofer HSA

Reza Varzandeh (co-supervision)
Neuro-informed acoustic
source extraction 

Office: HdH
Tel: +49-441-217 2182

Daniel Fejgin
Binaural source localisation
and mapping

Office: W30 2-213
Tel: +49-441-798 3377

Ulrik Kowalk (*)
Signal enhancement with
preservation of localization cues

Office: Jade HS
Tel: +49-441-7708 3787 

Kaspar Müller
Distributed algorithms for 
speech communication in a car 

Office: Cerence

Stepan Shishkin (°)
Active learning for sound event 
classification and detection 

Office: Fraunhofer HSA

Marvin Tammen  
Speech enhancement using
deep neural networks

Office: W30 2-213 
Tel: +49-441-798 3377

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