Prof. Dr. Volker Hohmann
Coordinator of CRC 1330

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Demonstrator D2

The acoustically transparent hearing device

Demonstrator D2 aims at providing a high-quality hearing device to enable hearing comparable to the open ear (so-called acoustic transparency) while providing a desired sound enhancement and hearing support (e.g., reduction of ambient noise). In close collaboration between subprojects, a one-size-fits-all earpiece featuring multiple receivers and MEMS microphones was developed, which is commercially available as the Hearpiece (see for details).

Signal processing algorithms for sound pressure equalization aiming at acoustic transparency, acoustic feedback cancellation and active noise cancellation have been implemented on this demonstrator. These algorithms exploit the availability of multiple receivers and multiple microphones and integrate individual electro-acoustic models and measurements performed during the calibration routine.

In the following videos we demonstrate the individual sound pressure equalization aiming at acoustic transparency and active noise cancellation algorithms by means of audio examples explained in the videos.


Please wear headphones while watching and listening to the videos.

(Changed: 09 Jun 2022)