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Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

VLBA has a long history of working with different aspects of the Business Intelligence (BI). As a scientific initiator VLBA has a major focus on the contemplation of a corporation-wide organizational, cross-organizational, and inter-organizational information systems with a strong emphasis on BI. VLBA handles topics related BI on a multiple levels - (1) education and teaching; (2) research; (3) student works (project groups, master and bachelor works, etc.); (4) various project with companies focused on knowledge and expertise transfer. In particular, several BI lectures are done by VLBA at the university as well as in an academy cooperation with others (e.g. Berufsakademie, which is now known as IBS IT & Business School Oldenburg e. V.). During the whole history of a BI research at the department there have been a number on bachelor, master and PhD theses supervised. Besides that, within the department a numerous proof of concepts were implemented using open source and proprietary BI solutions and tools. The department is affiliated in form of a long-term cooperation with the SAP UCC Magdeburg, SAP BI Roundtable and HPI Future SOC Lab. Thus, the latest technologies in the SAP environment are available for a research and teaching. International nature of the research and "thinking outside the box" within Business Intelligence are performed through the extensive cooperation and exchange with universities around the world by employment of various guest PhD candidates in cooperation with the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and various other cooperations.

  • Business Intelligence Systems Optimization to Enable Better Self-Service Business Users by Safwan Sulaiman
  • Business Intelligence: Rahmenbedingungen und Einsatzrichtlinien by Abdelkerim Rezgui
  • Framework for Semantic Support to Business Intelligence Design Integrating Business and Technological Domains by Pablo Michel Marín Ortega


  • Business Intelligence I (English/German)
  • Business Intelligence II (German/English)


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