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Guidelines and templates

Guidelines and templates for Bachelor's and Master's theses

On this page all the necessary information for the conducting of Bachelor's and Master's theses is provided. This contains request preparation, templates for theses and slide masters for presentations and further instructions. It is mandatory to comply with these templates and instructions in the VLBA department!

Important instructions for theses

Requesting a Bachelor's / Master's thesis

External students (whom are not studying Wirtschaftsinformatik) contact their mentor (usually an academic staff member) for the planned thesis to specifiy and discuss it's topic. They also bring the filled out documents (see below) to the appointment.

Students whom are studying Wirtschaftsinformatik are working out the topic together with their mentor. Within the scope of one or more appointments a description of the planned thesis (proposal) will be defined.

Documents which have to be filled out if required:

Instructions for presentations in the research seminar of the VLBA Dept.

Students should arrange a time for the presentation with their supervisors well in advance (at least 4 weeks before) so that the supervisor can enter the date in the internal scheduling of the Oberseminar VLBA.

Agenda for topic introduction

Time: 10 minutes | Time Forschungsseminar: max. 15 minutes

  • Motivation
  • Problem statement (detailed)
  • Research goals (detailed)
  • Methodology
  • Timetable

Agenda for interim presentation

Time: 15 minutes

  • Motivation (short)
  • Problem statement (short)
  • Research goals (short)
  • Goals achieved
  • Current status
  • Further approach

Agenda for final presentation

Time Bachelor: 15 minutes | Time Master: 30 minutes

  • Motivation (short)
  • Problem statement (short)
  • Research goals
  • Methodolgy and achieved research goals (detailed)
  • Conclusion
  • Future outlook
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