• [article] bibtex
    D. R. Cacciagrano and R. Culmone, "IRON: Reliable Domain Specific Language for programming IoT devices," Internet of Things, 2018.
      author = {Cacciagrano, D.R. and Culmone, R},
      title = {{IRON: Reliable Domain Specific Language for programming IoT devices}},
      journal = {Internet of Things},
      year = {2018},
      month = {09},
      abstract = {A domain-specific language (DSL) is a programming language that is specialized to a par- ticular application domain. IRON is a DSL for the IoT domain which allows not only to program in an easy way using the Event-Condition-Action (ECA) rules but also to prevent incorrect actions. In this paper, we formally describe the semantics of IRON. The anomalies that IRON prevents are: (i) the presence of cycles that determine the non- termination, (ii) the ambiguous actions that do not allow the definition of a final con- figuration, (iii) the breaking of invariances. In addition to the formal description of IRON, an interpreter was created in a host language (LUA) that captures and manages the three anomalies. This provides a general scheme for the implementation of languages based on ECA rules.},
      comment = {DSL based on Event-Condition-Action rules check for liveness and safety properties LUA-based interpreter},
      doi = {10.1016/j.iot.2018.09.006},
      file = {:languages/IRON - Reliable domain specific language for programming IoT devices.pdf:PDF},
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