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    A. Vasilevskiy, B. Morin, &. Haugen, and Pål. Evensen, "Agile development of home automation system with ThingML," in Proc. 14th International Conference on Industrial Informatics (INDIN), 2016, pp. 337-344.
      author = {Vasilevskiy, Anatoly and Morin, Brice and Haugen, Øystein and Evensen, Pål},
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      year = {2016},
      pages = {337-344},
      month = {07},
      abstract = {Advances in the Internet of Things (IoT) domain thrusts home automation into the spotlight. Home automation is a heterogeneous realm with various and often not compatible technologies. As any not standardized area, this realm is always disrupted by new, emerging technologies and standards. Home is a dynamic environment which constantly grows and evolves. To keep up with changes, home automation algorithms are tweaked and modified over time. To tackle diversity, we employ model driven approaches to weave different technologies and facilitate home automation tasks. We show how modelling techniques improve portability, scalability and simulation of the home automation features. We present two use-cases developed in cooperation with industry partners, report our experience in applying ThingML and the Arrowhead framework in the home automation domain.},
      comment = {modeling language + tool + methodology describe hardware, communication and program logic generate UML and C/Java/JS},
      doi = {10.1109/INDIN.2016.7819183},
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