01.04.2021 - 31.03.2024
Contact Person Andrea Lübben, Dipl.-Ozeanogr.
MSYS Team Andrea Lübben, Dipl.-Ozeanogr.
Dr. Thomas Badewien
Funding Agency BMBF - Federal Ministry of Education and Research


Process studies of the stability and vulnerability of carbon storages in the Baltic and North Seas

Subproject of: Carbon Storage in German Coastal Seas – Stability, Vulnerability and Perspectives for Manageability (CARBOSTORE)

The aim of the PROCARBON project is to investigate how different carbon reservoirs in the North and Baltic Seas react to anthropogenic environmental changes, such as climate change, and to identify the relevant processes. We also want to assess how sensitive or resistant the carbon reservoirs are and apply mathematical models to estimate future developments. Based on the results, we will develop perspectives that aim at increasing the carbon storage capacity in the North and Baltic Seas. The findings will help to develop management strategies and support political decision-making. A total of eight German institutes, authorities and agencies are involved in the overall project. Three research groups of the University of Oldenburg / ICBM are participating in the project. These study a) the sulfurization as a mechanism for carbon storage, b) the role of physical processes in the CO2 exchange between atmosphere and ocean, and c) future climate- and anthropogenically induced disturbances in the Wadden Sea using hydrodynamic-biogeochemical models.

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