Provision of own files in the web space

If you edit your websites with the central content management system TYPO3, a function for uploading files to the web server is already included there.

In this case, you do not need the method described here!

How do I upload files to my web space?

To upload files to your web space, use an FTP programme to establish contact with the server

Use the access data of the corresponding functional account as login data for institutional web space. The data is then stored in the web space of the functional account at an address that normally corresponds to in this form: www.[name of institution]

As soon as you are logged in to the upload server, it shows the document directory belonging to your login data on the web server as the topmost remote directory. Your FTP program will display the path to this directory as /. If you upload files there, they can then be accessed online at

www.[name of institution][filename]

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