Note on the layout

According to the current internet usage regulations, all official websites must be designed in the university's official website layout. The TYPO3 content management system in the central website provides organisational units with a free tool for this purpose.

Webspace for institutions

Websites of the organisational units

The university provides all organisational units with the opportunity to present themselves on the university's central website and to manage the content of their own websites.

Further information can be found on the pages of the central website

Webspace for other projects

In addition to the central web presence for organisational units, web space can also be requested for other projects, e.g. ...

  • if there are other organisations in addition to the University of Oldenburg and the appearance should therefore not correspond to the corporate design of the University of Oldenburg, but be freely designed.
  • if a specific online application (web application) is to be installed.

The Internet address of the project would then look like this:

  • (classic)
  • or (new):
  • For special purposes, you can also apply for your own internet domain via IT services.

You can obtain such a web space by placing an .

Database and server hosting is also offered for more demanding projects.

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