Viewing emails in Outlook on the web and setting inbox rules

Viewing emails in Outlook on the web and setting inbox rules

Viewing and sorting emails

You will find the options for filtering and sorting emails by clicking on All.

Categorising emails

In Outlook on the web you can categorise your emails. To do this, you simply assign a colour code to an email.

To assign a category, open an email and click on ‘Categories’ in the menu bar; the colour categories will then appear in a drop-down menu.

Alternatively, you can right-click on an email to which you want to assign a category.

Once you have assigned a colour to the email, in the search field you can enter which email category you want to display.

The following options are available (which correspond to the colour codes):

  • Category:blue
  • Category:yellow
  • Category:green
  • Category:purple
  • Category:orange
  • Category:red


Outlook on the Web will then only display emails belonging to the selected colour category.

Setting inbox rules for emails

Inbox rules allow you to move incoming emails to subfolders or forward them to other email addresses based on various criteria.

Click on  settings, then on options. In the E-Mail section you will see the option automatic processing, and the option to set the inbox and sweep rules. Here you can  decide how your emails are processed.

(Changed: 2021-04-30)