Signing in to Outlook on the web

Signing in to Outlook on the web (webmail)

To use Outlook on the web, enter the URL (or the short URL in your browser (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari etc.). If you are not yet registered with the University of Oldenburg’s central authentication service, please enter your user ID (i.e. abcd1234) and your password on the sign in page.

In some cases, you may be presented with a selection window before actually signing in to the University of Oldenburg’s central authentication service.


Select IdP Universität Oldenburg.

Once you have successfully signed in, you have access to all functions that are connected to the University of Oldenburg’s central authentication service.

Outlook on the web is part of the central authentication service and is displayed once you have signed in successfully.

The first login

The first time you access your email inbox via web access, you will be asked

  • to select the language in which you want to use Outlook on the web and
  • to select your time zone.

You will not receive these prompts if you were already an Outlook on the web user.

Features of Outlook on the web

You can access the various groupware services such as Email, Calendar, People and Tasks by clicking on the square icon in the upper left corner.

Outlook on the web provides a context-sensitive menu (via a right click) for the selected object.

Many actions, such as moving or deleting emails, can be performed by dragging and dropping the email to the desired folder or to Deleted Items.

Signing out of Outlook on the web

To sign out of Outlook on the web, click on the account icon in the upper right corner and then click on ‘Sign out’ in the menu.

Once you have signed out, make sure you also close the web browser and all open tabs.

Configuring Outlook on the web

There are a number of options available to customise Outlook on the web to meet user needs.

You can configure Outlook on the web by clicking on Einstellungen (settings) and then on Optionen (options).

Outlook on the web displays shortcuts to frequently used options in a separate dialog box.


The customisable options are grouped under General Options, Email Options and Calendar Options, depending on what they do.

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