Nano-Porous Oxides

Nano-porous Oxides

  • SiO2 films on Mo(112)
  • Fe-doped SiO2
  • SiO2 as atomic sieve
  • Workfunction tuning in Li-doped SiO2

Nano-Porous Oxides

  • Preparation of ultrathin SiO2 films as 2D-analoge of zeolites and silicates
  • Examination of their adsorption-behavior and suitability as atomic sieve

Morphology of SiO2 films on Mo(112)

Atomically resolved STM image and structure model of SiO2 film

For details: Weissenrieder, Phys. Rev. Lett. 95 (2005) 076106.

Fe-doped SiO2 as 'magnetic' material

Single Fe-atoms embedded in SiO2 and STM conductance spectrum showing a Kondo resonance at the Fe position

For details: Jerratsch et al., ACS-Nano 4 (2010) 863

SiO2-film as sieve for Au, Ag and Pd-atoms

Pd-atoms penetrate SiO2 nano-pores and bind below the film, Au atoms are too big for penetration and aggregate to surface deposits (13×13nm2)

For details: S. Ulrich et al., ChemPhysChem.9 (2008) 1367.

Li-modified SiO2 as chemically active film

Li-atoms in SiO2 and Li-modified film after Au-adsorption

For details: Martinez et al. Phys. Rev. Lett. 103, 056801 (2009).

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