During the SEM-programme the following specializations can be chosen: Eco-Entrepreneurship, Environmental and Spatial Planning, Marketing, Environmental Management Information Systems, Economics.

Specializations can be set voluntarily by choosing the respective combination of extension modules in each case:

Specialization Eco-Entrepreneurship:

  • wir938 Eco-Venturing and
  • wir920 Entrepreneurship or
  • wir830 Innovation Management und Organizational change

Specialization Environmental and Spatial Planning:

  • lök130 Environmental Planning
  • lök210 Practice of Nature Conservations
  • lök320 Sustainable spatial development in Europe
  • lök300 Concepts of Sustainability

Specialization Marketing:

  • wir826 Sectoral, Functional und Institutional Approaches in Marketing
  • wir829 Lines of Development in Marketing Research

Specialization Environmental Management Information Systems:

  • inf500 Modelling and Simulation of Ecological Systems
  • inf651 Environmental Management Information Systems I
  • inf659 Environmental Management Information Systems II

Specialization Economics:

  • wir821 International Trade, Production and Change
  • wir932 International Regulatory and Competition Policy
  • wir809 Econometrics
(Changed: 2021-04-30)