Modulhandbuch Wintersemester

Prüfungsordnung 2021

Prüfungsordnung 2019



During the SEM-programme the following specializations can be chosen:

  • Energy, Climate, and Development,
  • Sustainable Innovation, Digitalization, and Entrepreneurship
  • Environmental Management, Planning, and Conservation.

Specializations can be set voluntarily by choosing the respective combination of extension modules in each case:

Specialization Energy, Climate and Development

At least three of the following models:

wir881 Energy Law
wir890 Climate Economics
wir893 Development Economics
wir915 Erneuerbare Energiesysteme
wir924 Ecological Economics

Specialization Sustainable Innovation, Digitalization, and Entrepreneuship

At least three of the following models:

wir832 Innovation Management
wir850 Gründungsberatung
wir881 Energy Law
wir886 Digital Transformation: Strategies and Sustainability
wir925 Innovations for Sustainable Operations
wir938 Sustainable Venturing
inf501 Umweltinformationssysteme
inf651 Betriebliche Umweltinformationssysteme I
inf659 Betriebliche Umweltinformationssysteme II

Specialization Environmental Management, Planning, and Conservation

At least three of the following models:

lök210 Naturschutz in der Praxis / Practice of Nature Conservation
lök320 Nachhaltige Raumentwicklung in Europa/Sustainable spatial development in Europe
lök998 Umweltplanung
wcm140 Planning and Management of Coastal Zones and Sea Basins
wir880 Marine & Maritime Law
wir883 Transnational Biodiversity and Genetic Resources Law
(Changed: 2021-10-07)