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14.05.2021 Basics

By 14.05.2021, we reached the first milestone as planned with the final presentations of our seminar papers. In addition, a basic objective of the project group was compiled. These two subgoals were completed at the corresponding point in time.

The project group is delighted about the timely achievement of the first milestone and believes to be on schedule. However, it also recognizes the growing challenges to come and the increasing degree of difficulty with the further milestones.

04.06.2021 Vision

On 04.06.2021, we were able to complete the second milestone on time. The milestone aimed to define and present our vision. In the following the feedback received was incorporated.

As a project group, we are also pleased that we have achieved our goals on time. Looking at the next milestones ahead it becomes clear that a larger workload has to be achieved. The project group is currently confident that these targets will be met regardless.

(Changed: 2021-08-05)