Textbooks of embryology

Textbooks of embryology

Moore, Persaud, Torchia and Viebahn: Embryology - developmental stages, early development, organogenesis, clinic

The "Moore", is the larger German-language embryology textbook. If you want to understand anatomy in more depth and pathologies in detail and know why they are the way they are, or if the short textbook by Rohen or the pocket textbook by Sadler is not enough, the Moore is highly recommended. The Moore is clearly structured from the embryonic period to the development of all organ systems and gives a comprehensive overview of the underlying cell and molecular biology. The very comprehensible text is underpinned by very nice illustrations, sketches, diagrams, images of imaging techniques and from the electron microscope, as well as photographs, making it easier to understand the sometimes somewhat complex subject matter. Price latest edition 2013: 169,99 € (Elsevier Verlag).

Thomas W. Sadler: Pocket Textbook Embryology

The "Sadler" is a clinically oriented book that impresses with a large number of illustrations and drawings that are integrated into the clearly laid out flowing text. Due to its clarity and the immense wealth of knowledge it contains for a "pocket textbook", it can be used both for learning and as a reference work. It can shine with the fact that it helps the student to thoroughly understand the systematics of embryology from the beginning and to show which clinical relevance results from it. In addition, it provides a better understanding of human anatomy. Price latest edition 2020: 52,99 € (Thieme Verlag).

Rohen, Lütjen-Drecoll: Functional Embyrology

This short textbook emphasises understanding above all. It contains very beautiful, detailed and anatomically correct illustrations and everything relevant is explained very well in one text. Very often, an attempt is made to place what is described in a larger context, to offer the reader a bridge to neighbouring disciplines and to link content. Attention is paid to many physiological and pathological processes in humans and genetic, microanatomical, molecular biological processes, messenger substances and the like are clearly explained. Price latest edition 2022: 39,99 € (Thieme Verlag, earlier editions: Schattauer-Verlag).

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