Textbooks of anatomy

Textbooks of anatomy

Dual Series Anatomy

The Dual Series Anatomy was designed for pre-clinical human and dental students. Since the book covers (almost) the entire spectrum of human anatomy, in the best case only a maximum of one further neuroanatomy textbook and the atlases are required. Price latest edition 2020: 83,99 € (Thieme Verlag).

Sobotta Textbook Anatomy

The Sobotta textbook Anatomy also covers almost the entire spectrum of human anatomy. Here, too, there is a need for another neuroanatomy textbook and the atlases. Price latest edition 2019: € 73.00 (Elsevier Verlag).

Waldeyer - Human Anatomy

The Waldeyer is very comprehensive and covers the entire human anatomy, including the brain. The illustrations are partly hand-drawn, but detailed. Those who like to learn from large and beautiful pictures will not get their money's worth with this book. Here, too, there is a need for another neuroanatomy textbook and an atlas. Price latest edition 2012: 79,95 € (DeGruyter Verlag).

Benninghoff, Drenckhahn: Anatomy

The most comprehensive German-language anatomy textbook is the Benninghoff - two thick volumes with almost 2000 pages together. The book covers human macroscopic anatomy, embryology and histology. Almost every page has high-quality colour illustrations, and serves as a reference for the anatomical literature. Since all areas of anatomy are covered in this book, no additional neuroanatomy and histology books are necessary. Therefore, the BENNINGHOFF is especially suitable for students who want to delve deeply into anatomy. Price (for both volumes) latest edition 2004/2008: 184 € (Elsevier Verlag).

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