Textbooks of neuroanatomy

Textbooks of neuroanatomy

Trepel: Neuroanatomy- Structure and Function Diagnostics

Neuroanatomy is presented comprehensively and clearly. The text is broken up by graphics, radiological images, "clinic" boxes, review questions with solutions and QR codes to videos. An orientation/introductory text introduces each chapter and helps to "get into it". A very good neuroanatomy textbook. Price latest edition 2021: 39,00 € (Elsevier Verlag).

Bähr, Bechmann (earlier editions: Frotscher): Neurological-Topical Diagnostics
(no e-book available)

The book "Neurological-Topical Diagnostics" repeats the neuroanatomical basics of the nervous system and then creates a good transition to the specific clinical pictures of neurology. It is also very suitable for clinical students, for a better understanding of the sometimes complex neurological clinical pictures. Price latest edition 2021: 59,99 € (Thieme Verlag).

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