Textbooks of Histology

Textbooks of Histology

Welsch: Histology - Textbook and Atlas

Welsch has large and numerous illustrations and graphics, which are very good. He takes the students by the hand and explains histology clearly and concisely, so that afterwards one can optimally recognise and understand the histological correlations. There are numerous references to physiology & biochemistry and relevant clinical-pathological relationships are explained. Price latest edition 2022: 54 € (Elsevier Verlag).

Lüllmann-Rauch: Pocket Textbook Histology

The pocketbook has a good overview and it is easy to find your way around. There are very good schematic drawings and histology is explained compactly. There are also numerous references to physiology & biochemistry and clinic, although the illustrations (smaller format than Welsch) are smaller than in Welsch. The chapter on brain and nervous system is much shorter than in Welsch. Price latest edition 2019: 44,99 € (Thieme Verlag).

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