Forgotten your password?

Reset password using the "Forgotten password" function

If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it yourself using the "Forgotten password" function on The prerequisite for this is that you have stored a mobile phone number or another e-mail address in the account management.

Resetting your password through IT consulting

If you are unable to reset your password using the "Forgotten password" function, the IT Advisory Service in the library can generate a new password for you. To do this, you must go there in person and identify yourself with the help of an official photo ID (passport, identity card, driving licence). You will then receive a new printout with your login data and a new initial password. However, this process will deactivate your account again and you will need to reactivate it before you can use it.

Intruder Detection

The account will be blocked for the use of the user administration if someone tries to log in more than three times within five minutes with a wrong password. You will be notified of such a suspension by e-mail, and the IT Services Service Desk will also receive a copy of this e-mail (a ticket will be created). The account will be automatically unblocked one hour later. If you did not make the incorrect entries yourself, someone else tried to change your account password.

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