Copper Oxides

Copper Oxide Thin Films on Au(111)

  • Cu deposition in 10-5 mbar O2 on Au(111)
  • Post-annealing in vacuum at temperatures between 450 and 700 K
  • Water adsorption at 100 K probed via STM, TDS and IRAS

Copper Oxides

Film Morphology

  • flat and homogenous films with Cu2O stoichiometry according to XPS
  • Several terminations (hexagonal, stripes, donuts) at different annealing temperatures
  • Dominant phase: hexagonal lattice with 6Å periodicity

Electronic properties

  • Fundamental gap: 2.0 eV (smaller than bulk)
  • Cu 4s surface state in unoccupied part of gap
  • Surface state vanishes in CuCus-poor structures

Water Adsorption

  • Zero order desorption at 155 K due to amorphous solid water
  • First-order peak at 175 K from H2O monolayer
  • H2O physisorption to oxygen-terminated Cu2O(111) surface

Water Monolayer in STM

  • Cyclic water clusters at low coverage
  • Growth of monolayer H2O islands starting from step edges
  • Short-ranged hexagonal order in H2O islands reflecting weak template effect of the Cu2O surface

For details:

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