Manganese Oxides

Manganese Oxide Films on Au(111)

  • Mn deposition on Au(111) in 1×10-6 mbar of oxygen at 300 K
  • Annealing at 600 K in 5×10-7mbar O2 to produce oxygen-rich Mn3O4 films
  • Vacuum annealing at 800 K to prepare reduced MnO-films

Manganese Oxides

 STM overview images of Mn-O films on Au(111):

(100 x 100 nm², 10 pA)

(a)→Oxygen annealed (0.25 ML, UB = 2.7 V)

(b)→Oxygen annealed (2.5 ML (UB = 3.7 V)

(c)→Vacuum annealed (2.5 ML (UB = 3.7 V)

(d)→Vacuum annealed (10 ML UB = 8.7 V


Reduced film: spin-split Mn 2p doublet and Mn2+ satellite at 647 eV ►MnO

Oxidized film: Mn 2p doublet at higher binding energy and increased O 1s signal ►Mn3O4


Atomic patterns on large Mn3O4 crystallites prepared by O2 annealing at 600 K

(a-b) square patterns with 5.8 Ǻ lattice parameter (10×10 nm2)

(c-d) square patterns with 8.2 Ǻ lattice parameter (times √2)

(d-f) line patterns with 12 and 17 Å periodicity (15 x 15 nm2 )


STM conductance spectra measured on Mn3O4 and MnO islands of 9 and 15 Å thickness, respectively

  • MnO with plain band gap of 3.2 V (lower curve)
  • Mn3O4 with reduced gap size and distinct gap states (upper curves)
  • Gap states associated to localized Mn 3d states

For details:

Growth and structural properties of Mn-O thin films on Au(111), Möller, Stavale, Nilius, J. Phys. Chem C 10.1021/ acs.jpcc.8b04176

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