Wind tunnel measurements and dynamic stall





Wind tunnel measurements and dynamic stall

Windkanalmessungen / Dynamic Stall

Since nowadays many fluid mechanical problems cannot be calculated or can only be approximated even with the most modern computers, many questions have to be answered by measurements on models. The university's wind tunnel, with a beam cross-section of 1.0m x 0.8m, provides the basis for a variety of measurements, such as cylinder wake, wind turbine and wind farm models or novel anemometers. A number of standard measurement methods are available, such as pressure-measuring probes, one- and multi-dimensional hot wires, and laser Doppler anemometers.

Of particular interest is also the ability to close the measurement gap for force measurements on wings. In this case, lift and drag forces are recorded without contact via the pressure distributions behind the wing and on the wind tunnel walls. This also allows measurements to be made when the wing's angle of attack changes rapidly, since strong, brief lift forces can occur here (dynamic stall). These must be well known for suitable models.

Contact: Tom Wester

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