Ricoh MFPs - Set up Windows PC to print to Ricoh MFP

Ricoh MFPs - Set up Windows PC to print to Ricoh MFP

NEW MFGs - Set up Windows PC to print to Ricoh MFP

To use a copier as a print output device for your Windows PC, you need a user account in the Windows domain w2kroot. Such w2kroot user IDs are automatically set up by the IT services for all university employees who are regularly managed in the SAP/HR system. The automatic logon of your workstation PC in the w2kroot domain requires a corresponding configuration. This is set by IT Services for the PCs of Administration, Library and Faculty VI; for the other PCs, this is done by the local IT administrators of the faculties.

Windows PC in the W2kroot domain

in order to use the new Ricoh multifunctional devices you need to set up a new printer on your PC. to install it, copy/paste (key combinations 'ctrl c'/'ctrl v') the entry\\FollowMe and paste it into the input line 'Search programmes files' after clicking on the Windows start button. (If you receive an error message, please copy/paste the entry:\ricohmfg01\FollowMe)

Press the Enter key to start the search.

After a short time, a new window opens:

The printer is now set up and available to you. You can set it as the default printer.


Windows PC without w2kroot domain --or-- with local user logged on to the PC

For a Windows computer that is not a member of the w2kroot domain or the user logs on to the PC with the local user, proceed as follows:

Left click on the Windows icon at the bottom left. Enter 'cmd'. With the right mouse button, then click on the entry "Command Prompt" and select 'Run as administrator'.

Enter 'start \\\followme' in the black window, followed by the 'Return' key.

The window "Windows Security" appears. Enter your user account preceded by w2kroot\ and the password.

Call up the device and printer management and click on "Manage" of the FollowMe printer you have just added.

Click on "Printer settings".

Click on "Change" in the printer settings.

The following window opens:

Under "User ID:" select the entry "Create own ID" and enter your user ID (abcd1234) in the input field "Enter user ID:". Confirm the entry by clicking on the "Ok" button. The window then closes. Please confirm your entries by clicking on the "Apply" button.

The printer will be installed in your user account. If several people are working on one computer, the printer must be installed for each user account using the PC. To print, you must authenticate with your user ID.


If the installation via the command line (Run and enter... cmd) does not work, you can still install the software using the following approach: Use the Explorer (application for displaying directories/files) and enter the following in the directory path (via copy/paste)\ in the directory path. After entering the login data and saving, the available FollowMe printers are displayed. Double click to install the desired printer and set the settings as described above.

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