Frequently asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about printing, copying, scanning

Who can receive a Dienstausweis/Printkarte?

Employees receive a CampusCard in the form of a Dienstausweis, which is permanently assigned to a person in the SAP system. The printing costs incurred are charged to the finance and cost centre assigned to this person. The Dienstausweis can be used to copy, scan and print.

An employee can apply for additional iCampusCards in the form of a Printkarte, either because another finance or cost centre is to be debited (third-party funded projects, additional workstation) or because the print card is to be passed on to a guest or student. These Printkarten are not suitable for access control or time recording.

These Printkarten are managed in the SAP system as additional Printkarten of an employee. If such a Printkarte is passed on to another person, the Printkarte cannot initially be used for scanning, but can be used for printing or even just for copying. If the user's account (in the form abcd1234) was specified on the Printkarte application in the case of 'third-party use', the Printkarte can also be used for scanning.

Which CampusCards do I have?

In your Stud.IP profile under the CampusCard tab, you can see which CampusCards have been issued to you.

How do I copy?

To copy, simply hold the service card or print card briefly against the card reader. After authentication, select the 'Copier' symbol on the touch-sensitive display. After selecting the desired copying functionality on the display (one-sided, two-sided, DIN A4/A3, etc.), the copying process is triggered by pressing the green copy button at the bottom right of the control panel.

How do I print from my PC on a multifunction device?

You need a user account in the Windows domain w2kroot. You will recognise it by the login name of the form: abcd1234 (four letters followed by four digits). Such w2kroot user IDs are automatically set up for all employees of the University who are managed in the SAP system. You may need to configure your PC to log into w2kroot with the assistance of IT Services (Administration and Library, Faculty VI) or your local IT supervisor (Faculties).

  1. Log into the domain with this user ID.
  2. Set up the printer once according to the instructions.
  3. In the future, when printing, select the printer ricohmfg01....
  4. Go to any multifunction device
  5. Identify yourself there with your service card/print card
  6. Select the "Print" function
  7. From the list of print jobs offered, select the one you want to print.

How do I regain access to the FollowMe printers after changing my password?

If you use a PC in the Windows domain w2kroot, please log in again in the Windows domain w2kroot. If you do not use the Windows domain w2kroot with your PC, you must set up the printer again.

If you are using a Mac, you must set up the printer again. In detail: Since macOS 10.12.3 your Mac can save the password for the FollowMe devices and does not ask you for your user data each time you print. Therefore, please remember to change your password after changing it in the macOS keychain management. If you have not changed your password before printing, the following problem will occur: Your Mac will try to send the print job using the invalid user data. This causes the print job to get stuck in the print queue and signals the message: Authentication problem. If you now change the authentication data in the key ring administration, the subsequent print jobs are passed on to the FollowMe printer, but your old print jobs remain in the print queue with the above-mentioned message. To empty the queue again, you must remove the printer and reconnect it. Your printer can be removed via the "Apple Menu"-System Preferences - Printers & Scanners. To do this, select the printer and then click on the minus button at the bottom left of the window. Finally, re-attach the printer.

How can I use a multifunction device for scanning?

Prerequisite as above.

  1. Go to any multifunction device
  2. Identify yourself there with your service card/(personalised) print card.
  3. Select the "Scan" function
  4. You will find the result of the scanning process in the subdirectory 'scans' of your home directory (L:-drive, Home Directory) for further processing.

How is it ensured that no other person picks up my printout at the printer? (Data protection)

Each person using the printer identifies him/herself uniquely with his/her service card/print card. The multifunction device will not start printing until you have authenticated yourself with your badge/print card, i.e. it will not print until you are standing right next to it. As long as you do not pass on your badge/print card, it is ensured that no one but you can print at your expense or with your data.

Are faults deleted or does the print job remain?

A print job is deleted from the queue system after it has been retrieved at a multifunction device for output. If a malfunction occurs during printing or a logout from the device occurs, the print job is no longer available for a further output attempt. It must be created again.

In the event of a paper jam or paper shortage, how can I be sure that subsequent persons will not still receive printouts from me?

When you leave the machine, you will be automatically logged out after 3 minutes - with the exception of an output interruption due to a paper shortage - so that your identity can no longer be used to print, copy or scan. If you cannot add paper yourself, please log out of the system actively!

Which locations can I use?

In principle, all multifunctional devices can be used by all authorised users. For the copying, printing and scanning functions, it does not matter at which device you use them. If a device fails at short notice, you can simply use another one.

How can I find out more about how the multifunction devices work?

You can read details about how the multifunction devices work in Ricoh's information brochures.

Ricoh device descriptions

The descriptions below are very comprehensive. It also covers device features and functions that are not available at the university. The operation via the display implemented at the university addresses a server-based software solution (Streamline NX), which only uses the device hardware, i.e. is independent of the operation actually provided on the device side. In this respect, the documents provided can only give an impression of the performance of the devices.


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