Using your department’s calendar in Outlook on the web

Using your department’s calendar in Outlook on the web

You can use the Calendar function to set up department calendars.

Department calendars can be used to manage holidays/absences within the department.

To create a department calendar you have to use a functional account. For more information on how to request a functional account, please visit this page.


To create the department calendar, sign in to Outlook on the web using the functional account that has been provided for this purpose.

Click on the Calendar icon, select Add calendar and click on Secondary calendar. You will then be prompted to give that calendar a name. (In the example here we’ve called it Urlaub-FK5.)


Click on the Freigeben (Share) button and select the calendar you want to share.

In the following window you can enter the email addresses of the users with whom you want to share the calendar.

Using the shared calendar

All the recipient has to do is click on Kalender öffnen (open calendar) in the notification email and they will have access to the shared department calendar.

(Changed: 2020-10-02)