Publications in 1995-1993

Wang H, T Hengstermann, KD Loquay, R Reuter & R Willkomm

Remote measurements of chlorophyll a and gelbstoff for classifying tidal flats by means of laser fluorosensors.
EARSeL Advances in Remote Sensing, 3, 112-130, 1995 download (11 MB)

Reuter R, R Willkomm, G Krause & K Ohm

Development of a Shipboard lidar: Technical layout and first results.
EARSeL Advances in Remote Sensing, 3, 15-25, 1995

Reuter R, H Wang, R Willkomm, KD Loquay, T Hengstermann & A Braun

A laser fluorosensor for maritime surveillance: Measurement of oil spills.
EARSeL Advances in Remote Sensing, 3, 152-169, 1995 download (25 MB)

Ohm K & R Willkomm

Collecting performance of a lidar telescope at short distances.
EARSeL Advances in Remote Sensing, 3, 26-31, 1995

Mittenzwey KH & R Reuter

Correlations between COD, DOC, UV254 and fluorescence of inland waters measured in the laboratory.
EARSeL Advances in Remote Sensing, 3, 57-65, 1995

Heuermann R, KD Loquay & R Reuter

A multi-wavelength in situ fluorometer for hydrographic measurements.
EARSeL Advances in Remote Sensing, 3, 71-77, 1995 download (5 MB)

Babin M, JC Therriault, L Legendre, B Nieke, R Reuter & A Condal

Relationship between the maximum quantum yield of carbon fixation and the maximum quantum yield of chlorophyll a in vivo fluorescence in the Gulf of St. Lawrence.
Limnology & Oceanography, 40, 956-968, 1995

Patsayeva S & R Reuter

Spectroscopic study of major components of dissolved organic matter naturally occurring in water.
Proc. of the 2nd International Satellite Remote Sensing Symposium (Paris) Sept 1995

Determann S, R Reuter, P Wagner & R Willkomm

Fluorescent matter in the eastern Atlantic Ocean. Part 1: method of measurement and near-surface distribution.
Deep-Sea Research, 41, 659-675, 1994 download (2.2 MB)

Reuter R, D Diebel & T Hengstermann

Oceanographic laser remote sensing: comparative studies in the German Bight and in the northern Adriatic Sea.
International Journal of Remote Sensing, 14, 823-848, 1993 download (2.5 MB)

Bartsch B, T Braeske & R Reuter

Oceanic lidar: radiative transfer in the atmosphere at operating altitudes from 100 m to 100 km.
Applied Optics, 32, 6732-6741, 1993 reprint

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