before 1990

before 1990

Publications before 1990

Diebel D, T Hengstermann, R Reuter & R Willkomm

Laser fluorosensing of Mineral Oil Spills.
In: Remote Sensing of Maritime Pollution. AE Lodge (editor), J Wiley & Sons (Chichester), 165 pp, 127-142, 1989

Krause G & R Reuter

Fronten in der Deutschen Bucht.
Universität Oldenburg, Forschungsmagazin 'Einblicke' 7, 24-28, 1988

Reuter R & RHG Gillot (editors)

Remote Sensing of Pollution of the Sea. Proceedings of the International Colloquium (Universität Oldenburg) April 1987, 555 pp.
Commission of the European Communities, JRC Ispra, and Biobliotheks- und Informationssystem der Universität Oldenburg, S.P.I. 87/46, 1987

Diebel D, T Hengstermann & R Reuter

Analysis of spills using an airborne laser fluorosensor.
In: The Archimedes 2 Experiment,  RHG Gillot (editor). Commission of the European Communities, EUR 11249 EN, Luxembourg, 238 pp., 117-130, 1987

Reuter R

The influence of Gelbstoff on remote sensing of seawater constituents from space.
Graßl, H, Doerffer, R. (editors)
GKSS Research Centre Geesthacht, ESA Contract No. RFQ 3-5060/84/NL/MD, 1986

Diebel-Langohr D, T Hengstermann & R Reuter

Water depth resolved determination of hydrographic parameters from airborne lidar measurements.
In: Marine Interfaces Ecohydrodynamics, 591-602, 1986

Diebel-Langohr D, T Hengstermann & R Reuter

Identification of hydrographic fronts by airborne lidar measurements of Gelbstoff distributions.
In: Marine Interfaces Ecohydrodynamics, 569-590, 1986

Diebel-Langohr D, KP Günther, T Hengstermann, K Loquay & R Reuter

An airborne lidar system for oceanographic measurements.
In: Optoelectronics in Engineering, W Waidelich (editor). Springer, Berlin, 834 pp., 644-647, 1986

Diebel-Langohr D, T Hengstermann, R Reuter, G Cecchi & L Pantani

Measuring oil at sea by means of an airborne laser fluorosensor.
In: The Archimedes 1 Experiment, RHG Gillot & F Toselli (editors). Commission of the European Communities, EUR 10216 EN (Luxembourg), 123-142, 1985

Diebel-Langohr D, T Hengstermann & R Reuter

Laserfernmeßverfahren zur Untersuchung von Ölbelastungen des Meeres.
Universität Oldenburg, Forschungsmagazin 'Einblicke', 1, 4-7, 1985

Freking B, J Klattenhoff & R Reuter

Investigations of marine hydrosols by light scattering.
DPG (VI), 19, 1546-1558, 1984

Reuter R

Lidar investigation of hydrosols: notes on the determination of scattering matrix elements.
Applied Optics, 21, 3762-3765, 1982 reprint

Franz H, U Gehlhaar, KP Günther, A Klein, J Luther, R Reuter & H Weidemann

Airborne fluorescence lidar monitoring of tracer dye patches - a comparison with shipboard measurements.
Deep-Sea Research, 29, 893-901, 1982

Reuter R

Characterization of marine particle suspensions by light scattering. I: Numerical predictions from Mie theory. II: Experimental results.
Oceanologica Acta, 3, 317-332, 1980

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