Members of the Advisory Board Internationalisation

Dr. Ferdinand Esser (ICBM)

Prof. Dr. Katharina Al-Shamery (IfC)

Prof. Dr. Andreas Stein (IfM)

Dr. Herena Torio (IfP)

Prof. Dr. Michael Winklhofer (IBU)

Abdallah Ahmed Atallah Abuelmagd (student representative)

Advisory Board Internationalisation

Research & Travel Programme (ReTraP) of School V

The main objectives of this travel programme are to financiall support the international mo-bility of young researchers (including registered PhD students) and to promote internationalcollaborations of lecturers and students. The programme is part of the implementation processof the overall internationalisation strategy of the School V and the university.

Funding Criteria

The programme aims to support two main categories:

  1. Outgoing: Individual young researchers (including registered PhD students) affiliated with the university whose projects fit within the overall strategy for research or internationalisation of the School V. Examples are summer schools, conferences, lab visits, field work, initiation of an international cooperation, etc.
  2. Incoming: Individual young researchers (post doc level) whose projects fit within the overall strategy for research or internationalisation of the School V. For instance short-term visitors in preparation of a long-term international cooperation project or preparation of an interna­tional graduate program or a specialised small workshop for pro-active recruiting of talented young researchers.

The support is mainly based on a co-financing funding model. Applications related to existing excellence clusters or collaborative research centres are not being considered.

Application Procedure

The application of the travel activity has to be initiated by the head of the research group the applicant is affiliated with. Please fill out the online application form here

and include all supporting data. A concise statement of support by the head of the research
group is expected. This statement should include information on whether the support is for astart-up financin or an individual project and how this fit within the overall strategy of theSchool V. For individual projects please include precise information on the importance of themeasure, e.g. an invited or a contributed talk, a poster presentation, or a summer school. Pleaseinclude information on co-financing Individual projects may be considered with lower priority.

Deadlines 2023: February 3rd 2023, May 2nd 2023, August 1st 2023, November 1st 2023.

There will be further rounds in the academic year 2023 with the first deadline February 3rd 2023. All travel acitivities between January 1st and December 31st will be considered. All travel activities have to be completed by 31 December 2023.

The support will be decided on a case-by-case basis by the Advisory Board Internationalisationdepending on the priority and the quality of the travel activity. Usually a maximum of 50 % ofthe expected total costs will be granted. The funding will be credited to the research group ofthe applicant after completion of the travel activity and its claim for travel expenses. An expensereport is expected.

Contact and Advisory Board Internationalisation

The recently launched Advisory Board Internationalisation aims to advise the Dean’s office in matters of Internationalisation of the School of Mathematics and Science (School V) and to esta-blish a financial programme to support strategic international activities within the school. This programme fits well within the scope of the structural planning process for internationalisation of the university.

In case of further questions about ReTraP please contact your institute representative of the Advisory Board Internationalisation or Prof. Dr. Andreas Stein, .

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