Using Calendar features in Outlook on the web

Using Calendar features in Outlook on the web

Using Calendar features

The Calendar can be used in conjunction with Outlook on the web to enter appointments (including reminders), set up recurring appointments and invite other users to appointments and meetings.

To access the Calendar, click on the square in the upper left corner and select Calendar.

Outlook on the web provides a context-sensitive menu (via a right click) for the selected object.

Many actions, such as moving an appointment entry, can be performed by dragging and dropping an entry to the desired day and time.

Set up appointment

Creating an appointment

To create a new appointment in your calendar, first select your preferred calendar view, by day, work week or month.

To create a new appointment, click on New. Here you can enter a subject and location and select the start and end time of the appointment. You can also add additional information in the text field.

You can also create new appointments by navigating to the desired day in the calendar and clicking on the desired start time.

Click on More options to see the detailed input window.

Inviting people to an appointment

If you want to invite more people to the appointment, select Scheduling Assistant in the detailed input window or add people in the input field displayed below.

You can invite additional people and book rooms or other resources for your appointment (provided, of course, that the room or resource is also managed via Exchange).

Click Save to create the appointment. The people you added and the room and resource administrators will now receive an invitation by email. The invitees can accept or decline the invitation in the email.

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