Application training – How to find a job and apply?

Job advertisements are only one part of the recruiting strategies of companies in Germany. In this seminar, you will learn about different ways of applying for jobs, such as networking, initiative applications and visiting job fairs. These application methods are deepened with a skills analysis and an active interview training exercise.

In this seminar we will also look at application documents such as CV, cover letter and the digital application process. Nowadays, companies want reflective applicants who know what skills they have. Especially in Germany, goal-oriented application documents are important. Learn in this seminar what is important in applications and optimise your CV and letter of motivation.

Facilitator: Angela Schütte (
Language: The event will be held in English.

Further information and registration

04.05.2023 10:00 – 15:00

V03 0-C001

Zentrale Studien- und Karriereberatung (ZSKB)

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