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W02 1-161

Information and FAQ

What is the O-week?

The orientatien week (short: o-week) is for all new students in the Department of Physics of Oldenburg University.

The physics student body offers several information events to ease the start into your studies. This includes among others class scheduling help and campus tours. Of course you are welcome to ask questions that we will answer to the best of our abilities.

Besides information events, you will have opportunities to meet your fellow students at several social events. There will be a breakfast, a barbecue as well as games, pub and movie evenings. At the end of the week we will travel to the North Sea for further fun and games. 

How do I find my way around campus wechloy?

The simplest way is through the main entrance (at the bus stop), from there the path to most lecture rooms is straightforward. If you walk past the canteen entrance up the steps, you are on the so-called 'Ringebene', which connects the different departments. Almost all rooms you might need in your first semester are on this level. The room labels in wechloy adhere to following scheme: [department] [floor] - [room number]. For example the o-week office is labelled W02 1-143: Department 02 (Physics), floor 1 (Ringebene), room number 143. W01 to W04, the main areas of interest, are all reachable over the 'Ringebene', as well as the outer doors.

Under the link there is a detailed location map of the campus Wechloy. There you can also find the location of the "Experimentierhörsaal" W32. 

Good luck!

How do I communicate with other first semesters?

We have organised first-semester groups on Facebook, so become a member:

First-semester Facebook group

In addition, we have WhatsApp groups, you get further information when you add the help telephone:

+49 176 84635633

What is the physics student council (FSR)?

The physics student council represents the students in all fields of physics at the University of Oldenburg. This includes physics (single- and dual-subject bachelor, master), engineering physics (bachelor, master), physics engineering & medicine (bachelor, master), as well as master hearing technology and audiology, "Postgraduate Programmes Renewable Energy“ (PPRE), and the "European Wind Energy Master" (EWEM).

We are you first contact people for questions and problems. Many questions can be answered quickly, otherwise we will look for an answer.

Every year, the physics student council is elected from students among all fields and semesters of physics, and is in office for the following term (one year). We do committee work, organize monthly events, represent your interests towards teaching staff and the Studentenwerk, and try to make your studies a positive time for you.

What is the physics student body (Fachschaft)?

The physics student body describes the entirety of all students in the Department of Physics. So if you study physics, engineering physics, physics engineering & medicine, hearing technology and audiology, PPRE or EWEM, whether in bachelor or master, you are part of the student body of physics.

Once a year the student body elects the physics student council, which consists of student from all areas within the Department of Physics and represents the students of this department.

Where and what is the physics student room (Fachschaftsraum)?

For the weekly sessions of the physics student council (bi-weekly outside lecture times) as well as for conversations, a cup of coffe or similar, we have a room in Campus Wechloy open to all students of physics at any time. It has the number W2 1-161 (not to be confused with the large lecture hall W3 1-161), accessible over the 'Ringebene'. From the main entrance, walk up the couple steps next to the canteen entrance and turn right. Walk down the corridor, and after a couple meters, you will see the room on your left.

How does the WiFi at the university work?

To log in to the WiFi at the campus, you only need your StudIP-ID (e.g. abcd1234) and your password. The WiFi network is called eduroam. Your account name is then "" and as passwort you use your university password. If you log in correctly, you can access the eduroam network everywhere it is available, for example at the Pius Hospital and even some universities outside of Germany. 

More information about the WiFi setup are given here (in German): 

Netzzugang Uni Oldenburg

What is Stud.IP and how do I use it?

StudIP is the study management center of Oldenburg University; you have gotten your account information (format abcd1234) with your starting documents. On the website you can access your inbox and organize your timetable. Additionally, the system manages exam registration, grade assignment, registration to group workrooms and more.

If you need more information, you watch our Stud.IP introduction video, which also includes some explanation on how to create your timetable

Link to Stud.IP:
Campusmanagment center Stud.IP

Where do I get more help with IT problems?

There is a special

Hierfür gibt es eine spezielle consulting service at the university: The "IT-Beratung". You can find it on the campus in Wechloy at the entrance of the library, directly right to the issue desk. The IT-Beratung is open during the week from 12 am to 2 pm. You can come there, when even after looking into the instruction online, your WiFi will not work, for example. In general, the IT-Beratung will help you with every technical problem, concerning the IT services of the university (loss of password, TAN list, etc.).

Here are further details:

IT-Beratung Uni Oldenburg

Especially important during the Covid-19 pandemic: When you are working at home and you are not able to come to the university, the IT-Service-Desk can help you with your IT problems at home. You can send a mail to or call +49 441 798 5555. Please write preferential via mail and record your number for calling back.

Where can I have lunch (Mensa)?

The two canteens (Mensa) of the University of Oldenburg are each at Campus Wechloy (where we physicists are) and at Campus Haarentor. They offer lunch from 11:30 am to 2 pm. On both places there ist a cafeteria conected, where you can buy sandwiches, Coffee etc.

Athough the way to Campus Haarentor is a little far, it can be worthwhile to make it.

All informations about gastronomy at University of Oldenburg can be fund here:

What can I expect on the first-semester excursion (Ersti-Fahrt)?

hat can I expect on the first-semester excursion (Ersti-Fahrt)?

Short description: Games, fun and nice people!

Slightly longer: At the end of o-week, we will have an excursion to the North Sea. There you can get to know your fellow first years and physics student council members in a relaxed, sociable atmosphere. We will play games, enjoy the sun at the beach and the courageous can have fun in the sea. Sadly, for legal reasons, you can only come with us if you are at least 18 years of age.

The excursion costs around 15€ plus drinks, you should bring your semester ticket, swimming stuff, bed linen and towel. Registration is until Thursday evening in the o-week office.

Where can I use my semesterticket?

You will find the actual informations on the back site of your semseterticket. In general you can use the ticket in the whole area of the VBN transport company (which includes busses and the area around Oldenburg).

Remark, that the  use of EC/IC lines with semesterticket is only permitted between Bremen, Oldenburg and Norddeich.

You can find all lines, as well as more information, under the following links:

Where can you buy the physics student shirts?

Shirts with our logo can be bought during meetings of the physics student council (meeting times are on the homepage, printed on the door of the meeting room as well as on the information board) and during o-week in the o-week office. If you cannot make it to the meeting, it is always possible to ask any member of the student council or send an email (). The cost of a shirt is 15€.

How can I lend some books in the library?

If you want to borrow some literature from the library your CampusCard is required. This card can be used for printing and copying as well, if you add some credit to the card. 

For borrowing books, you need at first activate the library-function of your card at the information of the central library on Campus Haarentor or at the information of the library on Campus Wechloy. After you chose your books in the libary, go to the counter with the sign "Ausleihe" and show your card. Please notice, that entering the library with backback or jacket is not allowed. Therefore some locker in the entrance area can be found, wich also can be used with the CampusCard.
On the website of the library it is possible to reserve some books or renew them.

for more informations check:
Registration library

Where can I find print, copy and scan facilities?

One facility to print can be found in the library. Therefor your CampusCard is required. You can add credit to your card with a machine (at campus wechloy: Go inside the main entrance, go up the stairs on the right and look right). For using the card, put it in the little boxes on the printing, copying and scanning devices. The print job can be started at the computers of the library (keep you university account ready).

The protocols for your Grundpraktikum can be printed directly with the room of the Grundpraktikum for free. More information in the Introductin of the Grundpraktikum.

More informations:

Printing, scanning and copying

What is the CIP-Room (Computer room)?

The CIP-room with room number W2 2-249 is available to all students (if not currently in use which you can check via the occupation plan on the door). Here are 18 computers which can e.g. be used for writing laboratory course protocols (all necessary programs are pre-installed) or research for assignments and similar. Please pay attention to the usage rules wriiten in the room, so your fellow students may continue to use the room freely. At the computers, choose your preferred operating system (Windows or Linux) first and log in with your user data (your StudIP account with name format abcd1234 plus password).

What is the examination office (Prüfungsamt)?

The examination office can be consulted for all questions about examinations. It can be found in the SSC (StudierendenServiceCenter, building A12 at Campus Haarentor).  All examinations have to be signed up at the office and the grades will collected there. Please contact the examination office if you are getting sick an can not participate on a examination you signed up. Otherwise you will loose one of your three trials to pass the examination.
Every subject has its own consultant. Susanne Osterkamp is responsible for physics.

More informations:

Examination office

What are the study and examination regulations and where do I find them?

The study and examination regulations define rules which govern studying and examinations in a given field of study. Though it may seem dry, it can be beneficial to have a basic understanding of the regulations.
There is a general part, which usually applies to the whole faculty, and a field specific part, which applies to one specific field of study.

Good to know: while the regulations may change, the version you enrolled under will apply to you unless you choose to adopt a newer version.

In case of questions about your study and examination regulations, best approach a member of the physics student council.

You can find the regulations under the following link:

Examination regulations

What is the immatriculation office?

The immatriculation office is located in the Student Service Center (SSC, Building A12) in Uhlhornsweg (behind the auditorium building). It informs and advises you about application and admission and carries out the enrollment. They also advise you about student affairs like re-registration, leave of absence and fees.

More infos at:

Registrars office

What is BAföG?

 BAföG is a student loan given by the German state to mostly German students, in order to provide equal opportunities in education.

More infos at:

How to find a place to stay in Oldenburg?

There are multiple ways to find a place in Oldenburg:

- For international students, there is the private accomodation database

- On black boards (e.g. on Stud.IP or physical boards in the university)

- Or over standard apartment search tools, e.g., GSG Oldenburg, Home Company Oldenburg, Nordwest-Zeitung.

More information:

Accommodation in Oldenburg

What is AStA?

In the 'Allgemeine Studierendenausschuss (AStA)', students realize their right to codetermination of university affairs concerning students.

Students vote once a year in January among electoral lists to form the 'Studierendenparlament' (StuPa), the student governing body, the legislative of the student body. The student body includes all students at University of Oldenburg.

The AStA finally forms the executive organ of the student body. It represents students outside the university and is involved in university politics, responsible for the semester ticket, law- and BAFöG-advice, political education, on-campus culture and ecology.

Infos you can find at:

AStA Uni Oldenburg

What is the bicycle self-help workshop?

The bicycle self-help workshop ('Fahrradselbsthilfewerkstatt) offers students a possibility to fix their broken bike on their own, with tools, replacement parts (at standard price) and used parts available for use. In addition, you can almost always find bike-interested students who will help you with problems.

Opening times and infos here (German only):


What is the answer to life, the universe and everything?


My question was not answered, where can I get help?

We are available for questions in every meeting. Often there are some people that can help you in our room (W02 1-161) even when there is no meeting. If you can't make it to the meetings, send us an email and we'll answer your questions! Urgent emails will be answered within 48 hours or less. If you have a question we can't answer, we know the person who does!

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