What motivates you, takes you further: Personal motivators as orientation for your professional future

This training offers reflection on your strengths and potentials in order to be able to better orientate yourself in the world of work. The scientifically based tool Reiss Motivation Profile® is used to reflect on strengths and weaknesses. By exploring the motives that drive our actions in life, the Reiss Motivation Profile® provides a glance beneath the surface of human behaviour patterns. In the training you will explore your own motivational profile and put it in the context of different job profiles. In this way, you will learn which of your own motives are well covered in certain professions and which are not.

The goals of the workshop are:

  • Know, understand and reflect on your own motivators
  • Know which aspects of working life are important for you in the long term
  • Have an initial idea of the direction(s) in working life, which helps you for further orientation


In presence | room to be announced


Status as an international student (with and without refugee experience) at the University of Oldenburg




Free of charge


via Stud.IP
to registration (deadline: 19.05.2022)


Christine Prost | Das junge Training


Study and Career Counselling Service | Event of the 'Work it out! programme
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20.05.2022 10:00 – 15:00

Zentrale Studien- und Karriereberatung (ZSKB)

(Stand: 20.04.2022)