Dr. Jan Schneider

Dr. Jan Schneider



Veröffentlichungen in Fachzeitschriften:

  • Böhringer, C.; Asane-Otoo, E.; Schneider, J. (2021):
    "Trade in Carbon and Carbon Tariffs", Environmental and Resource Economics, 78, 669-708.
  • Böhringer, C.; Schneider, J.; Springmann, M. (2020):
    "Economic and Environmental Impacts of Raising Revenues for Climate Finance from Public Sources", Climate Policy.
  • Böhringer, C.; Rosendahl, K.E., Schneider, J. (2018):
    “Unilateral emission pricing and OPEC’s behaviour“, Strategic Behavior and the Environment, 7(3–4), 225-280.
  • Böhringer, C.; Müller, A.; Schneider, J. (2015):
    "Carbon Tariffs Revisited", Journal of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists, 2(4), 629-672.
  • Asane-Otoo, E.; Schneider, J. (2015):
    "Retail fuel price adjustment in Germany: A threshold cointegration approach", Energy Policy, 78, 1-10.
  • Böhringer, C.; Rosendahl, K.E.; Schneider, J. (2014): 
    "Unilateral Climate Policy: Can OPEC resolve the Leakage Problem?", The Energy Journal, 35(4), 79-100.
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