Adaptation to climate change - Case Studies


Fichter, K., Hintemann, R., Schneider, T. (2013). Unternehmensstrategien im Klimawandel: Fallstudien zum strategischen Umgang von Unternehmen mit den Heraus-forderungen der Anpassung an den Klimawandel. nordwest2050, Werkstattbericht Nr. 20
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Adaptation to climate change - Case Studies

Climate adaptation in companies:
Case studies

In addition to the company surveys also conducted by Prof. Fichter and his team, several case studies are compiled to closely analyze companies with a view towards their strategic handling of climate change and adaptation to it.

Furthermore, the cooperation partners and other relevant external actors are also interviewed. The goal is to establish a better understanding of their perception of climate change, the processes of their strategic handling of it, and the factors of influence which lead to concrete conclusion and climate adaptation measures.

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