Innovation potential analysis


Fichter, K., Hintemann, R. (2010). Leitfaden Innovations-potentialanalyse. nordwest2050, Werkstattbericht Nr. 5
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Innovation potential analysis

The innovation potential analysis methodology applied in nordwest2050

Today, various effective technologies and solutions for adaptation to such climate phenomena as temperature extremes either already exist or are at least in the development stage, so that we can assume that they will be available to address climate challenges in the short or medium term. These technology and innovation potentials have to be taken into account when developing strategies for climate change adaptation, since they on the one hand provide concrete solutions for climate change adaptation, and are essential components of adaptation capacity; and on the other, because the development and marketing of these technologies, products and services could be the source of new market potentials for entrepreneurs and manufacturers in the region, for sales regionally, and nationally and internationally.

Some concepts and methods for assessing the innovation potentials and activities of individual companies, industries, regions or countries (Rammer, 2009) have already been developed in the field of technology analysis and innovation research (EFI Commission of Experts, Research and Innovation, 2009). While these are useful conceptually and in terms of relevant potential indicators, these findings pursue only very specific knowledge and structural interests, and are therefore not directly transferable for an analysis of innovation potential within the context of the nordwest2050 project. Therefore it is necessary within the project to develop a methodology which on the one hand does not “reinvent the wheel”, but on the other hand sufficiently fits the knowledge and structural interests of the nordwest2050 project.

The methodology to analyse innovation potentials for the nordwest2050 project has been developed in close collaboration with the members of the IPA Working Group and published as a guideline. nordwest2050 Werkstattbericht Nr. 5
Fichter, K., Hintemann, R. (2010). Leitfaden Innovationspotentialanalyse. Veröffentlicht auf  (in german only)

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