model-oriented integrated roadmapping


Severin Beucker, Urte Brand, Klaus Fichter, Arnim von Gleich (2011): Leitorientiertes integriertes Roadmapping. Konzeptionelle Grundlagen und Methode für die Entwicklung von Klimaanpassungs-innovationen. nordwest2050, Werkstattbericht Nr. 10
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model-oriented integrated roadmapping

Model-Oriented Integrated RoadMapping 

Conceptual basis and methodology for developing climate change adaptation innovations

The Workshop Report No. 10 "Model-oriented integrated roadmapping" is devoted to the question of how innovations which promote climate adaptation are to be concretely supported and implemented in the context of the nordwest2050 project. Here, approaches from technology roadmapping are to be linked to approaches from guideline-oriented technology and system design. The central result is a guide for creating "model-oriented integrated roadmaps", with the aid of which the exemplary innovation projects in the various clusters selected in view of the results of vulnerability analysis and innovation potential analysis are to be implemented, together with the practice partners.
The report initially introduces the two approaches, "integrated roadmapping" and "guideline-oriented technology and system design", their conceptual foundations, the empirical evidence available to date, and practical experience, and develops them further. In the second part, the goal is then to explore the possibilities of combining these approaches and the deduced method "model-oriented integrated roadmapping". The individual steps of this method as well as critical success factors are identified, and specific recommendations are given. In conclusion, reflections on the transferability of the findings gained to the planned "roadmap of change" are discussed.

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