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ICBM-Kolloquien / ICBM Colloquia

WiSe 2020/2021

LocationTopic, SpeakerInvited by
2021-01-20 17:15
Inferring paleoecological dynamics of marine benthic communities on the basis of time-averaged fossil record
Dr. Adam Tomašových (Slovak Academy of Sciences, Bratislava, Slovakia)
Dr. Rillo
2021-02-03 17:15
Shifting the ground of ocean governance: revisioning the past to decolonise the future
Prof. Dr. Kimberley Peters (HIFMB, Oldenburg)
Prof. Dr. Hillebrand

Past Events:

2020-10-21 17:15
Climate science and climate policy
Prof. Dr. Hans von Storch (HZG, Geesthacht)
Prof. Dr. Wolff
2020-11-04 17:15
Exploring climate impacts on inland and coastal eutrophication
Prof. Dr. Anna Michalak (Stanford University, Stanford, USA)
PD Dr. Jan Freund
2020-11-18 17:15
Elucidating biodiversity change in the Anthropocene
Dr. Laura Antao (Research Centre for Ecological Change, University of Helsinki, Finland)
Prof. Dr. Hillebrand
2020-12-02 17:15
Towards a functional understanding of sponge-microbe symbioses
Prof. Dr. Ute Hentschel Humeida (GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research, Kiel)
Prof. Dr. Schupp
2020-12-16 17:15
Using (from others) and producing (your own) CO2 data from time series: knowledge derived from inconsistencies in the CO2 system
Dr. Marta Álvarez (Instituto Español de Oceanografia, Spain)
Dr. Ribas Ribas
(Stand: 21.08.2020)