Oldenburg Analysis Seminar

(Oberseminar Analysis/Numerik)

Sommersemester 2021

The online seminar takes place weekly on Thursdays at 14:15 (German time).

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22.04.202114:15Alexander Strohmaier (Leeds)Obstacle scattering, low energy resolvent, and the relation to topology
29.04.202114:15Maxime Ingremeau (Nice)Spectral asymptotics of large quantum graphs
06.05.202114:15Konstantin Izyurov (Helsinki)Asymptotics of determinants of discrete Laplacians
13.05.2021  No talk (Ascension Day)
20.05.202114:15Nikolaos Roidos (Patras)Curve shortening flow on Riemann surfaces
27.05.202114:15César R. de Oliveira (São Carlos)
03.06.202114:15Heiko Gimperlein (Edinburgh)The magnitude function: Spectral geometry and fractional-order boundary problems
10.06.202114:15Matteo Capoferri (Cardiff)Invariant subspaces of elliptic systems
17.06.202114:15Alessandra Pluda (Pisa)Resolution of singularities of the network flow
24.06.2021 Jørgen Olsen Lye (Oldenburg)Convergence of the Yamabe flow on singular spaces with positive Yamabe constant

Peter Szmolyan (Vienna)

Geometric singular perturbation analysis of turning point problems

MA Abschlussvortrag
Julian Kohlisch (Oldenburg)

Resolvent at low energy for higher order scattering
differential operators

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Wintersemester 2020-2021

The online seminar takes place weekly on Thursdays at 14:15 (German time).

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19.11.202014:15Jørgen Olsen Lye (UOL)Yamabe flow on singular spaces
26.11.202014:15Mohammad Talebi (UOL)Spectral geometry on manifolds with fibered boundary
03.12.202014:15Giuseppe Gentile (UOL)On the prescribed graphical mean curvature flow on generalized Robertson-Walker spacetimes with asymptotically flat space-like slice
10.12.202014:15Fedor Bakharev (Saint-Petersburg State U.)Existence of the discrete spectrum of Dirichlet Laplacian in some unbounded domains
17.12.202014:15Karl-Mikael Perfekt (U. of Reading)Infinitely many embedded eigenvalues for the Neumann-Poincaré operator in 3D
07.01.202114:15Tobias Marxen (UOL)Ricci flow on incomplete manifolds
14.01.202114:15Dario Prandi (U. Paris-Saclay, CNRS)Point interactions for 3D sub-Laplacians
21.01.202115:00Malte Behr (UOL)Quasihomogeneous blow-ups and pseudodifferential calculus on SL(n,R)
 16:15Vladimir Rabinovich (Instituto Politécnico Nacional, Mexico)Three-dimensional Dirac operators with singular potentials supported on unbounded surfaces
28.01.202114:15Brice Flamencourt (U. Paris-Saclay)On the convergence of Dirac operators with large masses
04.02.202114:15Jérémy Mougel (U. of Göttingen)A regularity result for the bound states of N-body Schrödinger operators: Blow-ups and Lie manifolds

The announcements are forwarded to https://researchseminars.org/seminar/olana.

(Stand: 08.07.2021)