Oberseminar Analysis/Numerik

Wintersemester 2020-2021

The online seminar takes place weekly on Thursdays at 14:15 (German time).

To attend, please contact

Date Time Speaker Title
19.11.2020 14:15 Jørgen Olsen Lye (UOL) Yamabe flow on singular spaces
26.11.2020 14:15 Mohammad Talebi (UOL) Spectral geometry on manifolds with fibered boundary
03.12.2020 14:15 Giuseppe Gentile (UOL) On the prescribed graphical mean curvature flow on generalized Robertson-Walker spacetimes with asymptotically flat space-like slice
10.12.2020 14:15 Fedor Bakharev (Saint-Petersburg State U.) Existence of the discrete spectrum of Dirichlet Laplacian in some unbounded domains
17.12.2020 14:15 Karl-Mikael Perfekt (U. of Reading) Infinitely many embedded eigenvalues for the Neumann-Poincaré operator in 3D
07.01.2021 14:15 Tobias Marxen (UOL) Ricci flow on incomplete manifolds
14.01.2021 14:15 Dario Prandi (U. Paris-Saclay, CNRS) Point interactions for 3D sub-Laplacians
21.01.2021 15:00 Malte Behr (UOL) Quasihomogeneous blow-ups and pseudodifferential calculus on SL(n,R)
  16:15 Vladimir Rabinovich (Instituto Politécnico Nacional, Mexico) Three-dimensional Dirac operators with singular potentials supported on unbounded surfaces
28.01.2021 14:15 Brice Flamencourt (U. Paris-Saclay) On the convergence of Dirac operators with large masses
04.02.2021 14:15 Jérémy Mougel (U. of Göttingen) A regularity result for the bound states of N-body Schrödinger operators: Blow-ups and Lie manifolds

The announcements are forwarded to https://researchseminars.org/seminar/olana.

(Stand: 28.01.2021)